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New Features. New Category. More Awesome!

Yesterday a new category was introduced to the Ad Mockups category located in the Inspiration section of the site. Aside from that, the option to view all posts that are either tagged with, or have anything to do with, the author of each resource posted on this site was added recently as well. This will surely come in handy when you want to view more items or posts from the same source. The general rule of thumb is “if you like one, you will probably like more”, and it almost always come into play when browsing galleries on the web. The main goal is to allow visitors of to take full advantage of this. I want things to be as convenient as possible while browsing this site, and this is only the beginning of a number of additions I have planned for the future of MacRemix.

New Features. New Category.

More on the newly added category…

Apple advertisements have truly become iconic over the past couple of years, and for good reason. Not only have they clearly shown their pure wit and marketing savvy in the tech niche with their famous “I’m a Mac – I’m a PC” ads, but i believe they have also set a new precedent for how fun, and effective, competitive marketing can be. And i believe that can be applied to any industry, field, or niche. Contrary to what many would most likely believe, their ads against Microsoft seem to have sparked more of a response in Apple fanboys and girls than they did in Microsoft. I couldn’t count the number of Apple mock ads and ad mockups that i’ve seen to date from designers and everyday Mac enthusiasts, most of which have been either very funny or very inspiring. So with that said, now you can browse Apple ad mockups along with all of the other resources and inspiration on! Check out our first post, Tampad – Ipad Ad Mockup! Hilarious!

…This is going to be fun!

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